There is a 300 year old spring house at the old farm that I grew up on.  When I was a child I discovered that if I sat very quietly I could see the albino crayfish moving about in the darkness of the water.  It made me aware that if you are patient and look long enough, other worlds might reveal themselves.

During this time my father was often away travelling for his work with a shipping company.  He would send me postcards of exotic, hitherto hidden worlds… images of ruins, monuments…

The old farmhouse is still there and though I left long ago, I never grew out of that fascination with ‘other worlds’.  Photography has provided a window to elsewhere…. If you stand long enough in the dark, something magical will come to the surface of the processing tray.

This quest for magic remains with me.



My early work was silver-based and very manipulated- at the negative, printing and post printing stages.  I used potassium ferricyanide to bleach the black & white negatives, tape and glue to combine images and photo oils (and in some instances gold or silver leaf) to bring colour to the prints.  One series from the late 1990’s also used epoxy resin and fiberglass.

After a period of time during which I didn’t take photographs, I returned to the medium in 2012 and embraced the digital age.   I am now working with limited edition fine art Giclee printing on 100% rag paper.  My prints use pigment inks which are known for their durability and stability and which offer significant resistence to light, according to the Wilhelm Imaging Research Print Ratings.



Norinne Betjemann CV

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